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Review of the Lovense Gush - From 5/10 to 6.5/10 (Updated)
Buying the Lovense Gush

I bought myself the Lovense Gush from Lovense.com

I paid £79.99 (£20 discount) + £6.00 UK Delivery (Royal Mail - Tracked 48)

I placed my order on a Sunday and received an email with my order confirmation immediately after checkout, then within a few hours later a further email letting me know my order had been processed and was to be delivered by Royal Mail and provided me with tracking information.

Delivery and Packaging

I placed my order on Sunday, so suspect the item wasn't actually despatched until Monday. On Wednesday, 2 Days later, Royal Mail attempted delivery but I wasn't at home, so arranged redelivery for the following day (Thursday).


This is exactly how I received my delivery. Packaged in a plain brown box, which is well taped, with no identification of the contents on the outer packaging. Very well packaged, in a box that suitably matches the size of the contents, securely sellotaped, all very discreet and friendly, with no references to Lovense, Gush, sex toys of any other content that may be embarrassing.

In the Box


The Gush box in plastic sealed for security and hygiene, for your peace of mind that you are receiving a brand new product. The box is very clean and gives a depiction of the Gush on the front, the back details useful facts and information about the product.

What's Inside?


When you open your Lovense Gush, the Gush itself is presented nicely to you, the rest of the contents are neatly and discreetly placed underneath the packaging and inside the brand embellish box.

  • Lovense Gush
  • Lovense Gush Band
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Storage Bag
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • User Manual

The Gush by Lovense


The Lovense Gush is a glans massager, simply put a vibrating sex toy designed to stimulate the head of your penis.

This flexible massager claims to fit any size man and includes an optional band that provides a tighter grip.

Gush can be used handsfree and controlled via Lovense Remote bluetooth app or hands-on as a stroker.

The Gush is USB rechargeable with convenient magnetic charge connections.

Made from silicone and 100% waterproof.

My Review

I do recommend Lovense.com

Firstly, the quality and service from Lovense and their Gush toy is good and would definitely order another toy again from Lovense.com. They have delivered every single order, as expected and on time, without any issues and offer a really competent service.

Not as good as other Lovense

I own several other Lovense sex toys for men, all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed, found a real purpose for, and formed a very positive view of. Unfortunately though the Lovense Gush really lets down Lovense, it doesn't quite offer the same level of purpose and satisfaction as the rest of their range, I'm comparing with those that I already own.

I expected this to be really good

I had such high expectations for the Gush, I was really excited to discover that a vibrating masturbator sex toy was been released by Lovense, which really piqued my interest, so much so that I ordered it the day it came out. But the reality is that the Gush just does not live up to the hype I had myself built up and failed to deliver what I had grown to expect from Lovense.

Pointless, confused and feel let down

There are a lot of issues and areas of concern. Firstly, it just doesn't work, well it works but doesn't feel like it does the job it was designed to do. From the second I used the Gush, I had this feeling that I was using it wrong, wasn't quite sure which way to hold and use it. Even after looking at the instructions and making sure I was using it as intended, it just doesn't deliver what you would expect something like this to.

Is it handy?

Lovense state a big feature is the ability to explore handsfree play with this toy. Whilst yes you can place the Gush around your glans, use the included band to hold it in place should you need a tighter grip, use the Lovense Remote app to control it, be it yourself, your lover or a long-distance lover. But it just does not do much when just used to massage without stroking. The vibrations don't really feel that powerful, certainly not enough to offer real arousal.


The Gush only really offered satisfactory sexual stimulation when I used it like a stroker. The inside of the Gush is textured and whilst you can feel the vibrations, there's no oomph, so you end up feeling like you're just having an handjob. The textured canal isn't enough and the sensation feels no where near as satisfying like penetration, such as you would get from a Fleshlight or similar.

Conclusion: Why good?

After stating how this toy failed to entertain me, it is sold as a "Glans Massager", so technically it does massage your glans, albeit rather lamely, plus I have only tried it out a couple of times and with the intention of receiving enough stimulation to climax.

Also, because Gush features all the typical Lovense features, Bluetooth, remote controlled by app I may end up finding a valid use for this toy, perhaps some foreplay or scenario with my girlfriend.

I didn't have the heart to list this review under bad sex toys, purely because Lovense offered a good service and the quality of the toy is good. Plus I am expecting to use this toy as a high-powered stroker masturbator and not just for glans massage stimulation.

I think had I have paid the full RRP of £99, I would have been very disappointed having shelled a hundred quid on product that I don't really have a purpose for. If you have £80-100 to spend on a vibrating penis sex toy, then there is probably a couple of alternatives that can outperform this toy, perhaps the Hot Octopus Pulse Solo - but I have never used this so really cannot say.

Sex toys, especially penis vibrators, I expect to be powerful, highly-stimulating, with a purpose of intense orgasm and a memorable climax, far greater than that from manual hand masturbation.

I have used the Lovense Diamo, which has a different purpose as it's a cock ring that is worn to tease, but the vibration of the Gush Vs Diamo is much less stimulating and as the Diamo is wearable it adds an extra dimension of mental stimulation too. If you are just looking for a massage/tease penis toy then buy the Lovense Diamo.

Plus, with a name like gush, you have the impression it is going to result in a gush-like conclusion. Thinking of gush you imagine a dam opening, female ejaculation or enough fast release of fluid kind of comparison, but the Gush certainly does not make you Gush.

My Score: 5/10

View the Lovense Gush at Lovense.com
Update: I have since had change of heart on my opinions of the Lovense Gush. so, I am going to update my review score from 5/10 to 6.5/10.

Having used my Gush a couple more times, both alone and with my partner, plus used some of the remote app features, I can now see more benefit form this product. I am even more satisfied using this as a solo toy both as a glans massager and a vibrating stroker masturbator.

I really enjoy using the Gush as a glans massager where my partner will control and long slow massage session until the point of climax, where she edges me multiple times by using the vibration programs and stopping just before I ejaculate. I also appreciate the handheld masturbation much more, be it using on myself or my partner giving a handjob using the Gush

I thought it was only fair to provide an update as I can't change my initial review and can now appreciate the purpose and advantages from the Lovense Gush.

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