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My Lovense Diamo Review
First off, why did I buy the Lovense Diamo?

Bear in mind that I am a cuckold, in a cuckold relationship and use sex toys to explore the cuckold lifestyle…

My cuckoldress instructed me to buy myself a remote control vibrating cock ring that I am to wear on her command so that she can tease me in public situations, especially when she is searching for herself a lover, to help keep me occupied and aroused, in order to encourage her to engage with potential lovers instead of getting jealous and preventing her finding a boyfriend.

What is the Lovense Diamo?

Diamo by Lovense is a rechargeable Bluetooth remote-controlled body-safe smooth silicone and waterproof vibrating cock ring that can be worn for solo masturbation or public play, as a couple for foreplay, worn during sex, controlled by your partner in or out of the bedroom, even long-distance relationship via the Lovense Remote app.

Delivery & Packaging


My delivery was fulfilled by Royal Mail, using their 'Tracked 48' service which requires no signature on receipt. This was the only UK delivery option available at the time of purchase which was charged at £6.00 on top of the product order cost. Delivery timescale is estimate at 2-4 working days. I receive my delivery 2 days after placing the order.

The packaging is a brown plain cardboard box that matches the size of the product packaging, the contents were well packaged and securely taped. The shipping labels contained no indication of the contents, nor made any references to Lovense or the product type.

Diamo Contents Unboxed


The Lovense Diamo is well packaged inside its sturdy box. Lifting the lid on Diamo, it's presented to you sat in a foam presentation display, the small Lovense box within contains the charging cable. Underneath the presentation packaging you will find a drawstring storage bag, quick setup guide and a user manual booklet written in various languages.
  • The Lovense Diamo
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Storage Bag
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • User Manual

The Product


Diamo is a very simple to understand sex toy. A distinct black silicone cock & ball vibrator ring. A single button interface for power On|Off, magnetic charging ports and nubs on the protruding shaft are for texture to enhance stimulation especially when worn against the perineum or penis shaft, which doesn't really offer any additional stimulating benefit when worn against the scrotum or pubic bone, but will offer some grip to prevent the toy from moving while wearing and in use.

Recharge Before Use


As is usually advised with all new sex toys before first-use, recharge your product. A full charge from dead takes ~70 minutes. The USB cable included has magnetic contacts which are not only an easy and convent way to charge, it minimises any damage while charging. Plug in to your device USB port or plug to recharge the built-in battery.

Material, Feel & Size


The Diamo is made from a smooth silicone, the ring portion of which is flexible - not stretchy, but offers ample size to fit most men, it's just a case of learning how to put on this penis ring. The ring measures 1.75" wide but as it's flexible, you can achieve a widest opening of ~2.5" which is more than sufficient to accommodate most men sizes.

How to Fit the Diamo?


At first you may think, there is no way this will fit. But it's easy to install, one step at a time, first pull your loose scrotum skin through the ring, when you have fed enough through, your first testicle will fall through or can be encouraged lightly, then continue pulling more of your scrotum through which will offer enough space for your second testicle, you can also encourage with some very light pressing from the other side to guide it through. Once both your testicles are inside the loop, with your penis flaccid you can feed it through without much difficulty. Take your time, relaxed and flaccid are key to achieving easy installation.

Wearable Positions

Diamo can be worn in four different positions, dependant in which you prefer or your partner wants you to wear, each position is design to offer a slightly different stimulation and purpose.



Wear with the vibrating shaft and textured portion against your perineum for dual penis and perineum stimulation.



For scrotum and testicular stimulation, wear with the vibe shaft and textured surface facing upwards underneath your scrotum.

Pubic Area


With the vibrator worn in contact with the public bone, facing your body above your penis, for general pubic area arousal.



My favourite and most arousing position is with the texture vibrator shaft against the top of the penis. The more aroused and erect your penis becomes, the more force your penis applies against the vibrator and is the position by which I receive the most arousal.

How to Control?


Diamo can be controlled manually using the single butt on the Penis ring vibrator. A single press & hold for 3 seconds witched the Diamo On or Off. A single quick press allows you to browse the button mode programs

For remote control, download, install and use the Lovense Remote app on your smartphone. The app allows you to remote control using Bluetooth on your device. Create your own patterns. Sync the vibrations with music. Sound activated and controlled vibrations which measure the sound level and vibrates according according to the dB volume levels. Set an alarm on the app to allow your Diamo to vibrate and wake you or be activated at any time you set the alarm to.

Discover unlimited patters other Lovense users have created. A Speed Mode using your traveling and acceleration to control the vibration levels of your toy. Tracking your movement and the distance you have travelled and speed, the faster you are travelling the more intense the vibration level.

Long Distance control allows anyone else with access to the app to, with your permission, control your Lovense toy. Distance is no barrier. Connect and interact with a partner in the app, chat, exchange pics, vids, grant them control of your Lovense Diamo.

My Conclusion

I have always wanted a good remote control penis ring, especially for public play for my cuckoldress to tease and frustrate me for in public places. The only other wearable cock ring vibrator I have used prior to this was the LELO TOR 2, which doesn't even compare to the features and possibilities of the Lovense Diamo, only in terms of power and I think the Diamo is easily more powerful.

I am very happy having chosen this product over other similar app-controlled vibrating cock rings available. This sex toy is practical for use for play alone, during masturbation sessions of exploring public play alone. But the main benefit is giving someone else control, the Lovense Remote app makes it easy for your partner to control your cock ring vibe in person or over long-distance, as long as your phone is in Bluetooth range with the Diamo and you play partner has an internet/data connection, long-distance control is stable and practical.

Where Did I Buy and How Much?

I bought the Lovense Diamo from Lovense.com for £79.00 + £6.00 (UK delivery) [£85.00].
Thank you for sharing your review.

This is the only decent one I have found that includes useful pics and helpful information about it.

You have helped me decide to go ahead and buy it.

Cheers cuck.

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