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  When the length don't matter but the girth does
User Avatar Forum: Dildos
Posted by: KnN - 19/07/2021, 12:55 - No Replies

Hi we are looking for a strap-on dildo in the UK

That is 8inch-9inchs in circumference and preferably as smooth as possible 

That can be used for anal or vaginal sex.

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  Yes girth does matter
User Avatar Forum: Anal
Posted by: KnN - 19/07/2021, 12:41 - No Replies

Hi to everyone, any advice or help would be hugely appreciated. 

We are looking for a strap-on dildo for use on both of us

Thats is between 8inch - 9inch in circumference and is more smooth than ribbed or veiny.

Please help a very horny couple.

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  Are Shockspot machines easy to build?
User Avatar Forum: Shockspot
Posted by: vivienne - 18/07/2021, 17:39 - Replies (4)

I am thinking about getting myself a Shockspot machine but I am a little hesitant at the fact I will have to build it and unsure if I will be able to do it myself. How easy or hard are the Shockspot's to assemble?

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  The Cowgirl APP not working ??
User Avatar Forum: Sex Machines
Posted by: slavedoll360 - 17/07/2021, 20:57 - Replies (6)

I have just got the cowgirl sex machine and its my first time using it but can't get the app to work, downloaded and everything but just is not operating the machine, the machine is not responding when I use the controls in the app, I am on an iPhone 11. TIA

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  Mens sexy underwear & Thong
User Avatar Forum: Sex Toys for Men
Posted by: casperlove - 16/07/2021, 15:00 - No Replies

Has anyone bought men's sexy underwear? How do you rate Rainbow Men’s Thong?

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  What is prostate e-stim like?
User Avatar Forum: Electro Stimulation
Posted by: davefell - 15/07/2021, 19:39 - No Replies

I have done prostate play with prostate massagers and vibrators but now considering e-stim prostate toys but would like to first know what it is like, what it does and how it feels etc etc

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  Sex toys to help my wife cuckold me
User Avatar Forum: Fetish
Posted by: davefell - 15/07/2021, 19:37 - No Replies

Which sex toys would assist in encouraging my wife to start cuckolding me without initially telling her about my cuckold fantasy?

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  Anal sex toy prep tips
User Avatar Forum: Anal
Posted by: davefell - 15/07/2021, 19:29 - No Replies

I love anal, mostly solo anal sex toy play with buttplugs, dildos and prostate toys.

I probably only toy play about once every three months and only maybe 1-2 times a year with my partner.

I would do it a lot more if I could find a quick & easy way to be prepare and clean to play without mess.

Do you know of any simple ideas to clean and be prepared for anal sex toy play?

I'm not wanting to spend time with colon cleanses and things like that, if anytime simple & fast exist?

Please share your anal sex toy prep ideas.

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  LUBE: Water-Based Vs Silicone Vs Hybrid
User Avatar Forum: Sex Toy Talk
Posted by: Busty_Amber - 15/07/2021, 19:19 - No Replies

I'm trying to find out information about the different type of lubricants.

The main types of lubes are water-based, silicone and hybrid.

But, what's the difference, features of each, pros & cons, which you think is the best?

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  Buy from to UK
User Avatar Forum: Lovense
Posted by: Busty_Amber - 15/07/2021, 19:05 - Replies (2)

Have you used - how long does it take for Lush 3 to be delivered to UK?

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