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CB6000s able to pull off?
I have just bought a genuine CB6000s from Lovehoney, I decided to do so after owning a fake one from eBay but was unable to wear for significantly long periods due to the fact that the non-genuine devices feature grooves in the rings which would cause extreme pain after just a few hours of wear. So in the knowledge that the genuine CB-x chastity devices have solid rings and having used the Lovehoney 20% welcome discount which I found on here in the Lovehoney forum, decided it was the right time to buy one at a great price of just £79.99!

I am still experimenting with the kit, trying to find the best ring size, pin and spacer, but having given most combinations a try, I seem to be able to pull out of the cage, a simple pull on the device away from my body allows me to free my penis, this never happened with the fake one so am i little disheartened that this device is not going to be able to offer secure chastity to allow me to proceed with chastity play with cuckolding.

Obviously the device needs to be completely secure, even if I was able to free myself, I also have the ability to put back on which makes the whole situation even worse, at least if I could get out, if I wasn't able to get back in my hotwife would know that I had removed the device and be able to discipline accordingly for doing so, which would prevent me from trying to get release in the first place, but in the current situation I have the ability to pull off and 'pull off' (masturbate) and once cleaned up and flaccid can put the cage back on!

Are there any CB6000s, CB6000 or any other CB-x chastity device wearers that have any advice on preventing pull off or even just configurations that make it difficult and remove the ability to put back on if able to free. Just to clarify when I refer to being able to pull off, I am not meaning complete removal of the device, just the ability to free my penis from the cage portion, leaving the ring around my scrotum/testicles.

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