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Can wearing a chastity device cause a varicocele?
Is it possible that wearing a male chastity device, the traditional type like CB6000 and similar, could possibly cause a varicocele?

I have noticed a recent heaviness in my scrotum and find it uncomputable to sit, needing to spread legs more and it's accompanied by slight back, bum discomfort.

I have had a feel of my testicles and noticed a clumping if veins of the left one which feels slightly england, but always had been, but never had the ache in groin feeling before.

I have been frequently, about 1 week (continual) per month for the last 6 months or so and having not worn my chastity for the last 4 weeks noticed these symptoms.

It's quiet possible its not a varicocele and something else but after self diagnosing wondered if it is possible that a chastity device could cause this?

If the ache last more than a few more days I will do to the doctors and try get a definitive diagnosis and report back.
I would imagine that anything that is too tight around the penis that can bock veins or similar has the potential to cause problems, so yes I think it would be possible.

A few hours of chastity wear should be minimal risk, if properly fitting, but wearing for days or longer and to sleep in bed may carry health risks.

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