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Which Shockspot to buy - 8 or 12 inch?
My boyfriend has offered to buy me a Shockspot sex machine for Christmas but just need to decide between the 8" or 12" model. I know the 12 inch is only like £150 more then the 8 inch, but is there much benefit in owning the the machine that has a 12 inch stroke length or will 8 inches be more than enough? So, help me choose, 8 or 12 inch stroke length?
I forgot to mention, I am male (gay) so this would primarily engage in anal penetration, having done a little research I feel the 8 inch model is more than sufficient penetration especially for anal. Just about to buy the Shockspot Sex Machine 8 inch unless anyone can give me a reason to change my mind?
Why would anyone unless really accomplished at taking it deep want a 12" stroke?

I agree you should go with the 8" version, save yourself and your money.
I also have the eight inch version and the stroke length is more than enough.

Twelve inches of stroke would be far too much for me!
(17/12/2018, 17:23)ScarlettDawn Wrote: Why would anyone unless really accomplished at taking it deep want a 12" stroke?

You can set the depth up to 12 inches with the shockspot 12, that doesn't mean you have to.

If you need a little more than 8 inch you can set the depth to more, ie. 9", 10", 11" & 12” and any depth in-between.

Granted, I am more than happy with the Shockspot 8 inch I ended up buying, but only because I'm using it for anal penetration only.

If I have a vagina and was thinking about which to go for, 8" vs 12", I would choose the Shockspot 12" machine.
It boils down to how much penetration length you need.

If your perfect size is over 8 inches then you will likely benefit from the 12 inch model.