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Under 18's Buy Sex Toys Online
A friend has just told me that she opened a delivery address to her daughter without realising (see was expecting a delivery) only to discover that is was sex(s) from a big name online sex toy retailer (won't name them!).

The problem is her daughter is only 16 and has used her own debit card to make the purchase. She asked me how was it possible as sex toys are only meant to be able to be only sold to adults over the age of 18. I told her it's likely that there is no way for the sex shop to check age and will just presume it's an over 18 customer.

Do you know if it is possible to by sex toys using and under 18's bank account debit card, if it is then technically 11+ year olds will be able to buy sex toys as they can have debit cards?
I don't think any kind or restrictions exist in terms of debit card but it should be the adult retailers merchant account that should automatically block all transactions from account holders under 18.

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