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Sex toys shops A-Z and more, from the most popular online sex toy shop websites and sex shops on the high street to lesser-know retailers and sex toy shopping stuff. Discover where to shop (or not!), the latest offerings, general news and information on shops, find advice from shoppers, news & press releases or even have your own say on sex toy shopping.

Ann Summers
Ann Summers forum for everything sex toys and lingerie from Annsummers.com or a high street store - talk about products, rampant rabbits, sex toys, sexy lingerie & more, shopping, online discounts & in-store sales, coupons & codes, rate and review purchases, customers service and everything else Ann Summers.
Bedroom Pleasures
Bedroom Pleasures forum for everything about Bedroom Pleasures website, products and the service they offer, discover their best sex toys, brand new products, get advice, help & support, plus any other issues or information on Bedroom Pleasures (Our Choice Online Ltd).
Bondara forum for all posts about retailer Bondara (Nagook Ltd) and website Bondara.com - Discuss Bondara, products & orders, shopping & service, the latest Bondara news & updates, all other information and discussions about anything else Bondara.
The UK's biggest gat sex shop for gay sex toys, discover the latest toys for gay men, toys, fetish, fashion and essentials. Find discount codes to use at clonezone.co.uk for discounts, plus sales, offers and savings on products at the largest gay shop.
Coco de Mer
Coco de Mer forum for sex toys and more from the erotic fashion house, adult boutique based in London and online retailer, discover high-end, designer luxury products and bondage gear. Discuss Coco de Mer shop, their website (coco-de-mer.com), sex toys for sale, on offer, discount codes and more on this unique shop.
Esmale forum for all posts relating to the gay sex toys shop, for the best anal, cock and fetish products for men and their male partners, discover the benefits of ordering from a gay sex shop, the best products, service offered by esmale.com and loads more stuff concerning Esmale Ltd.
Fetch Shop
FetchShop.co.uk and Fetch Stores Forum, for Fetchshop threads on this fetish gay sex shop, London stores and the gay sex toys and products which they stock. Discover gay sex, fetish fun, info, reviews, offers, discount codes & other Fetch stuff.
Harmony forum for everything HarmonyStore.co.uk and Harmony stores in Oxford Street, Soho and Charing Cross in London. Buy sex toys from Harmony? Discuss products and services, shopping & special offers, promotions & discount codes, gossip & chat and discussion about anything else Harmony Store.
Honour / Skin Two
Honour forum for Honour.co.uk & Honour stores (Waterloo and Watford) retail, talk about Honour fetish clothing, bondage equipment and sex toys, shopping & ordering at Honour, product chat, their service discussed, clearance, sales & discount codes and anything else Honour.
Kinkystreet UK is the ultimate emporium of kink & pleasure, promoting empowerment, body positivity, inclusivity and welcoming those who just want to have fun! Toys for him, her, they and dungeon bondage & fetish from the top brands.
Lovehoney forum for everything about Lovehoney, discuss the sexual happiness people, Lovehoney website(s) and Lovehoney Group, their adult toys & lingerie, shopping, special offers & discounts/codes, how good is customer service. Forum community, reviews, members discuss anything Lovehoney.
Love Outlet
Love Outlet forum is for the discussion on UK seex toys, better sex and lingerie retailer. Find posts discussing LoveOutlet, website, products, offers, discount and customer service.
Mega Pleasure, feeding the desire of women, men and couples is our pleasure at MegaPleasure the adult sex shop. An adult shop online providing a wide range of adult products, MegaPleasure are all you need for you & your partner's pleasure.
Mister B
Mister B specialises in gay sex toys and high quality BDSM & fetish goods and is a one-stop-shop for the customer looking for extensive range of gay sex toys, leather fetish, rubber fetish, lubes and much much more.
Nice 'n' Naughty
Nice 'n' Naughty forum for discussion about Nice 'n' Naughty stores and nicennaughty.co.uk – Shopping online & in-store, sales & offers, discount codes, popular products, customer service & support, customer reviews, general feedback, help & advice and everything else Nice n Naughty!
Pabo forum for the discussion on European online retailer Pabo.com, discover the company, their service and the products for purchase, share your views and read others opinions, plus the latest news, new product arrivals, offers and outlet, discounts and more about Pabo.
Pleasure Delights
The pleasure experts... Pleasure Delights is a UK online adult shop for sex toys and sex essentials.
Prowler forum for everything Prowler shopping, sex toys and service... If you shop at Prowler.co.uk the online gay sex shop or buy Prowler sex toys, post and discuss your experiences, share discount codes, plus anything else relating to Prowler on Sex Toy Forum.
Pulse & Cocktails
Pulse & Cocktails forum for sexy superstores and online, shopping experience, products & customer service discussion threads. Find out what it's like to buy or visit a Pulse & Cocktails sex shop, review the products and stores, general posts about sexy shopping, news & information about Pulse & Cocktails.
Sex Superstore
The Sex Superstore (Sexsuperstore.co.uk) forum is for topics relating to their website, the products they sell, customer service & after-care, reviews, offers & discounts, plus anything else Sex Superstore.
SexToys.co.uk forum for customers shopping, sales & offers, current discount codes, chat about SexToys.co.uk, their products available, your experiences, orders & customer service, general feedback and discussion about all other issues concerning this leading online sex toys store - SexToys.co.uk
Sex Shop 365
Sex Shop 365 forum for posts about SexShop365 (IDWeb) UK online sex toys shop. Discuss shopping at Sex Shop 365, your orders, customer services and any other experiences encountered. Shopping and products for sale, info on sales & the latest bargains, discount codes and more SS365 stuff!
The Sinful forum for topics on this Danish E-commerce Sex toy business, the largest in the Nordic region, now with a presence in the UK (sinful.co.uk).
Simply Pleasure
Simply Pleasure forum for anything SimplyPleasure.com or Simply Pleasure's sex shops on the high street, discuss the latest topics, personal experiences with shopping and their service, plus any other stuff, general chat, promotions & sales and discounts & codes to help shoppers looking to buy sex toys.
UberKinky forum for information about N.E. Services Limited kinky & fetish BDSM, bondage gear and toys sex shop. Discover products for your kink, read what others think about UberKinky products and their service, plus sales & offers, discount codes, help and much more for those who are uber kinky!
With a Passion
With a Passion are one of the UK's leading online adult retailer. Two decades of experience, formerly trading as Sextoys.co.uk which became one of the UK’s biggest and best-known online sex toy shops.

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