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Lush 2 by Lovense
The Lovense Lush 2


LUSH 2 is Lovense's most powerful bluetooth remote-control vibrator.

How's it better than the Lush 1?


An upgrade on the original LUSH, it's now even more powerful thanks to an even bigger motor that offers the same USB rechargeable battery life (up to 3 hours!) to its predecessor, which means greater pleasure without compensating play time. A redesigned antenna features a new button location that allows control while in use, while the bluetooth chip has also shifted to the end to ensure greater connectivity and minimise connection issues.

What's still good?

As before it's the same kind of sex toy, a teledildonic vibrator that allows bluetooth and close-range remote-control and long-distance control via the app. Enjoy it by yourself with solo play, or relinquish control during foreplay or for discreet public play... This vibrator really does allow you to have fun both inside and outside of the bedroom!

The silicone surface is soft-to-touch and ensures that this wearable is comfortable and body-safe materials and waterproof integrity means it is suitable to be worn inside the vagina and practical to use anytime and discreet enough to use anywhere, the motor is also virtually silent, quieter than any other panty vibrator, meaning there's no need to worry about roommates, family or strangers out in public hearing it while in use.

The latest Bluetooth technology means that LUSH 2 has the longest control range of any wearable Bluetooth vibe. Boasts a bluetooth connectivity range of 45 feet without any distance range limits when internet controlled. 

The App offers intuitive control, choose between close-range bluetooth connectivity or long-distance over the internet. You can create unlimited vibration patterns, sync to music or use voice or sounds to for sound-activated vibrations.

Lovense offer a 1-year warranty on this product against any faults.

Where to Buy?

Buy direct from Lovense
Lovehoney still have some available, I was wanting a Lovense Lush 3 but the link redirects to the Lush 2, sneaky! Good if you are wanting a Lush 2, not so good if it's the Lush 3 you are intending to buy.

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