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How do you put on a penis extension?
After reading another thread on this forum recommending penis extension sleeves I decided to buy the 3 inches extra extender by TSX.

It has just arrived this morning, it looks great and would appear perfect for purpose, but I am trying to figure out how to wear it, I mean I obviously know how it goes on but can't figure out how to put it on!

I am having trouble getting my testicles through the scrotum loop which isn't very stretchy and don't want to do myself any harm forcing my testicles through.

I would not consider myself to have large testicles, my scrotum is relaxed and hanging so that shouldn't cause any problems but just can't figure it out.

Perhaps it will be easier when I am using it with my girlfriend and she can help me put it on as there is what appears to be a pull grip but as I am trying to give it a whirl myself and would generally put the thing on myself looking for any pointers from those who have used this or similar penis extension sleeves.

Thanks for any help.
Hi salty sam and welcome to STF.

I had exactly the same predicament the first time I bought this penis extension sleeve.

Firstly, it is much easier to put on with help from your partner but like yourself there are times when you need to put it on yourself.

What I do is kneel down, on your tip toes under your bum, position you them as close to the back of your scrotum as possible, put the loop grip in between your heels and hold it while pulling the extension, this will stretch the ring and will free up your hands to put your testicles through the loop.

Be careful you do not pull too much though as the extension your have bought as the loop has a tendency to snap, this is what happened to me twice with the three inches extra.

Hope this helps and you enjoy using your new penis extension sleeve.

Good luck.
Does anyone else have trouble getting them around your balls?

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