Do you make much money doing parties?

Are there any Ann Summers party ambassadors here?

Is there any money to be made doing Ann Summers parties and what would you say is the average earnings from hosting a party?

I know this could be a similar question to 'How long is a piece of string?' but a rough idea and determining factors will help.

Thanks for any answers from those who know about doing Ann Summers party plan.

Ann Summers say anyone can become a party ambassador, no experience is required as they provide free training.

A great way to start your own business, working the hours you want, one evening a week twill earn you an average £250/month.

For more information from Ann Summers read Why Become An Ann Summers Ambassador. 
The OH has only done one party with friends and family, she made a few hundred quid profit and loved it.

She is going to stick to doing a party every 6 months, more of a social thing than a regular business.